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mCore .NET SMS Library (PRO-DISTRIBUTION License) 1.2

mCore .NET SMS Library (PRO-DISTRIBUTION License) 1.2

mCore .NET SMS Library (PRO-DISTRIBUTION License) Publisher's Description

1. Send Text Messages
  • Send text messages by simply specifying the destination mobile number and the text message.
  • Send text messages with delivery report request.
  • Can send 160 character messages with default 7-bit character encoding (as per ETSI GSM 03.38) and 140 character messages with 8-bit encoding.
  • Can send 70 character messages in international languages using 16-bit Unicode (UCS2) encoding.
  • Allows delivery format selection for long messages (e.g. Truncate, Split, Concatenate and Formatted Split).
  • Can send flash (alert) messages that are immediately displayed on destination phone screen.
  • Specify validity period of the text message.
  • Allows changing of SMSC stored in modem or phone.
  • Supports destination numbers and SMSC number in international as well as national format.
  • Allows setting of minimum time delay interval two consecutive messages to avoid delivery failure during a network busy period.
  • Specify maximum number of retries in case of delivery failure when sending text message.
2. Read/Delete Incoming Messages
  • Option to select message memory (Phone or SIM) for reading and deleting incoming messages.
  • Read all incoming messages from the GSM Modem or Phone memory in one shot as a Inbox message collection.
  • New incoming message event with option to automatically delete new messages after reading
  • Message delivery report event
  • Specify type of messages to read (e.g. All Unread Messages, All Read Messages or Both).
  • Option to read concatenated messages as one message or part messages.
  • Can read text messages irrespective of character encoding i.e. sent as default 7-bit character, 8-bit or encoding or international language messages (16-bit Unicode).
  • Delete one message at a time or all read messages from GSM Modem or Phone.
3. Send WAP Push
  • Send WAP Push (Service Indication) over SMS through GSM Modem or Phone by specifying URL and text message as per WAP-167-ServiceInd-20010731-a specification.
  • Option to specify action type (e.g. signal-low, signal-medium, signal-high etc).
  • Option to specify content created or last modified date and time.
  • Option to specify si-expires attribute i.e. a date and time when the WAP Push link will expire.
4. Send vCard
  • Send vCard over SMS through GSM Modem or Phone by specifying Name, Home Contact Details, Business Contact Details etc as vCard version 2.1 specification.
  • Option to specify Home Phone, Business Phone & Mobile Phone numbers separately.
  • Option to specify Home Street Address and Business Street Address separately.
  • Option to specify other vCard details viz. Email, Website, Comment etc.
5. Send vCalendar
  • Send vCalendar over SMS through GSM Modem or Phone by specifying Event Description & Summary, Event Location, Start Date & Time, End Date & Time etc as per vCalendar version 1.0 specification.
  • Option to specify Event Date & Time or Event Duration.
  • Option to specify Event description and/or Event summary.
  • Automatically picks up GMT Time-Zone settings of the sending computer to ensure that the vCalendar is saved in recipient's mobile device as per its Time-Zone settings.
6. General Features
  • Fully managed code
  • All members (properties & methods) that require serial communication, are completely thread safe and are queued inside the library for sequential execution.
  • Extensive use of enumerators to simplify programming.
  • Well categorized and structured exceptions.
  • Events for New Incoming SMS, Delivery Reports and Incoming Calls.
  • Automatically disconnects incoming calls.
  • Connect to GSM Modem or Phone through physical serial port or virtual serial port (e.g. Infrared, USB to Serial Converter, Bluetooth etc).
  • Specify serial communication parameters like COM Port, Baud Rate, Stop Bits, Parity, Flow Control etc.
  • Read various modem parameters (e.g. Modem Manufacturer, IMEI etc).
  • Specify PIN for connecting to network using PIN protected SIM card.
  • Read various network information (e.g. GSM Signal Strength, Network Identification etc)
  • Extensive exception/error handling with error codes and descriptions to easily identify error cause.
  • Option to selectively display error message box with customization of message box title.
  • Log option with option to log only error messages or logging of errors as well as status.
  • Automatically checks if modem can send messages in PDU mode.
  • Send modem initialization AT commands
  • Debug mode pops up message boxes for all errors thus enabling developer to quickly identify problems during application development.

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